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At CONDITIONED® by Kelly Tekin we provide a variety of personal training programs to Albuquerque and North Dallas that will help you reach your personal training goals. Whether you want a nutrition program, sport-specific performance training, general personal training, or you want to lose weight we have the program for you. Our expert staff and state-of-the-art facility will help you achieve the results you have been wanting


Committed to helping athletes reach their goals through the acute responses and chronic adaptations of the body to the stresses of exercise by implementing periodized training programs with proper nutrition and supplementation resulting in optimal health and performance.



Personal Training

Our Training Camp is a good choice for those training for a specific purpose. Whether you are training for a physique competition, athletic event, weight loss, to get your diabetes under control, or trying to strengthen after an injury or a knee/hip replacement, this is definitely the training for you!

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Adult Camps

conditionsbytk_classes4Take part in our exciting 60-minute modified workout class for adults. The class is lead by a certified coach, guiding you through every move.

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Youth Camps

conditionsbytk_classes Keep your kids active and in shape at our fun youth camps. Our certified instructors will guide your child through various workout routines.

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Prenatal Training

conditionsbytk_classes3 Maintain optimal fitness and health while pregnant through our prenatal training. Learn safe workouts for baby and mommy-to-be.

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cbkt_icons-01CONDITIONED® by Kelly Tekin provides sport-specific performance training by our experienced sport performance coaches and trainers. Sports performance training programs provide each athlete the opportunity to enhance speed, power, flexibility and conditioning. Whatever the sport you want to improve upon CONDITIONED® by Kelly Tekin can get you there!


cbkt_icons-02Many people start exercising to lose weight. At CONDITIONED® by Kelly Tekin our highly trained staff has the expertise to design the best workout plan to meet your weight loss goals both safely and effectively. We provide you with a nutrition plan to maximize your fat loss results. It doesn’t matter what level you are, we offer programs from beginner to advanced!


cbkt_icons-03Your workout can only reach its maximum potential when coupled with proper nutrition. Our strength and conditioning coaches at CONDITIONED® by Kelly Tekin have degrees and years of experience with exercise coupled with nutrition. We will design a proven nutrition program to couple with your exercise program so you can achieve maximum results!


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Timeline Photos Don’t feel discouraged if you’re not seeing results right away. It takes time to sculpt the body. What’s most important to focus on is consistency in your workout routine and your diet, the rest will follow!
CONDITIONED BY KELLY TEKIN TBT to when we talked about when the best time to workout is! What time of the day do you find best to consistently workout?
The BEST time of day to workout....
CONDITIONED BY KELLY TEKIN shared their video.
Timeline Photos Did you know that working out while you’re pregnant can be very beneficial to you and the baby? Exercise can reduce backaches, bloating, swelling, and help prevent excess weight gain! Check out our prenatal training program here:
Timeline Photos With our online training, you can have a customized workout plan specific to your needs, so that you can bring your workout home! Track your progress and results right at the tip of your fingers. Sign up today to start ...

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Looking to get the ultimate training experience?

Kelly Tekin has trained elite athletes of all sports. If you are looking to take your training to the highest level, you have found your trainer!


Build up your strength and stamina with our sport-specific ski & snowboard training.


Defensive Tackle, Indianapolis Colts
Dominate the gridiron and prepare for the combine with our sport-specific football training.


See what training at CONDITIONED® can do for you! Check our photo gallery.

“I really cannot say enough good things about Conditioned! Kelly Tekin is the real deal! I have been training at Conditioned since November 2012. In the first month alone, I lost 8% body fat! Kelly performs each workout herself before she prescribes it for her clients. Each client is given an individualized nutrition plan. Each client receives individualized workout plans from Kelly herself. Kelly trains professional athletes and MMA fighters. But do not be intimidated by that. If you are like me and simply want to get back in shape and haven’t seen the inside of a gym for a while, this place is also for you. I started out having difficulty doing more than a few push ups at a time. I recently performed a workout where I ended up doing 100 push ups and 100 squats!!. Try them out, you won’t regret it!!!! All of the trainers are very knowledgeable and tailor the exercises to your level. Everybody is friendly and encouraging. I love, love, love this place!!!”