Do You Eat Oatmeal?

Do you ever eat oatmeal? It is something I often recommend when designing nutrition plans for clients. It can definitely be a good, healthy option, but many types of oatmeal are heavily processed and HORRIBLE for you. When I recommend oatmeal, I just assume the client is going to buy the kind of oatmeal that I buy from Trader Joes… … Read More

Working Out and Still Not Changing?

Try getting out of the group exercise room, get off the cardio machines, and lift. Start eating right, get your muscles working and burning, lift weights using compound movements, and you will start to see changes!

Are You Losing Fat or Muscle?

Do you know if you are losing fat? Or are you losing muscle? If you are just using a scale, there is no way to know. It is physiologically impossible to lose or gain 5 lbs of fat over a weekend, but the scale makes many believe that it can happen. One of the most important mind-shifts to break is … Read More

Tekin Tip – Kids & Weight Training

One of the most common concerns I hear about kids participating in weight training is that it is unsafe and will stunt a child’s growth. As a parent, I understand these reservations, but I also think it’s important to set the record straight. The truth is, weight training is safe and good for kids when it’s done properly. Weight training … Read More

10 Foods to Fight Bloating

1. Water with Lemon – When you’re bloated, your body is trying to hold onto to water in order not to be dehydrated. Drinking more water will help your body properly distribute water and flush out bloating. Since lemon is a natural diuretic, it will help to do this faster. 2. Yogurt – Helping in digestion and loaded with all … Read More

Quality vs. Quantity in a Workout

Remember that it is not about QUANTITY when it comes to getting conditioned; it’s about QUALITY. If you get thru your workout in 30-45 minutes, good! It doesn’t mean you need to add more sets or more exercises just to “get your time in.” The absolute best thing you can do when it comes to burning fat and putting on … Read More

A look behind preparing for an October Fitness Competition

As I sit here writing this I find myself eating one of my meals, a protein shake and a cup of carrots. I have never been on a diet regime before but I gotta admit its not as hard as I always thought it’d be. Im not at all starving as many would exaggerate, I actually find myself eating more … Read More

Traditional Cardio will Make you Older and Fatter

In the year 1999 (the beginning of my career), I remember going to the gym to train people. There was always that same lady running on the treadmill when I arrived. Covered in sweat, her running form would slowly deteriorate as time passed and I trained my client on the other side of the gym. I would finish a one-hour … Read More

Biceps Workout

1. Standing Hammer Curl – alternating 4 sets of 8 each arm Make sure that you are standing and alternating arms when you do this exercise. As you come up, bring the dumbbell up to only 90 degrees (not all the way up). Come across the body with the weight. Angling the weight inward like this will enable you to … Read More