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At CONDITIONED® by Kelly Tekin we work hard to provide you with the best possible results. We are always humbled and thankful when you go out of your way to give us your positive reviews. Thank you!

These Athletes Choose Kelly Tekin

Jon “Bones” Jones – UFC Light-Heavy Weight
Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone – UFC Fighter
Derek Boyle – UFC Fighter
Nick Urso – Pro MMA Fighter
Hunter Salter – Professional Bull Rider
Trish Hoffman – Albuquerque Police Department Sergeant
Hey Kelly! I came back this May and have seen a huge change! I’ve lost 22lbs this year. Thanks to your meal plan and work outs! Alexis

The most amazing thing about Alexis LOSING 22 POUNDS is She only comes in once or twice a week. It doesn’t take working out 4-5 days a week for 2 hrs to get results, folks! The biggest thing this lady has done RIGHT is she’s been CONSISTENT! Love it!! Nice work, Alexis D Watts. You are INCREDIBLE!!!!!


cbkt_testimonial“One of my goals was to feel confident enough to get back into modeling… Well, here I am in a size 4 doing a pre try on before a runway show this coming Saturday at Taste of Abq. It’s small but hey, I’m so proud and I’m grateful for CBKT”Member of CBKT
“Dropped 7 % body fat in a month thanks to Kelly and her easy nutrition plan. No crazy dieting…just better eating! Ready for the beach!”Anna Hirschman
ktjamie“Back in February, I decided to take a break from kickboxing, etc… Wanted to see if I could go back and do fitness. My main goal was to do the OCB show which was july 28th. As the weeks past, I had hit a platu and couldn’t go any further. I didn’t know what to do. I had a few friends tell me your more of a figure competitor not bikini anymore. So I had messaged a friend Chris Swol Justuswho helped me a lot with everything for my first show. Thank you so much. But still I was lacking my lower body.I had seen some of my fighter friends Hunter Tucker and George Clynes who had suggested Kelly Tekin Quiroz. Go and talk to her. “She’s awesome.” She’ll put together a program that will work for you and hit all your weaknesses.”

I just want to say thanks to the both of you. THANK YOU Hunter and George. I was in her gym the next day. No I didn’t waste any time. I had that first show coming up. (It was a last minute decision) But i was still doing All my upper body workouts Chris had suggested and more. It was working but, Sure enough Kelly was able to get me where I needed to be. And in such a short time. On June 16th I won the INBA/PNBA 2nd place Ms. New Mexico State Natural Ms. Figure Open, and INBA/PNBA 1st place Ms. New Mexico State Natural Ms figure Masters 2012. I saw how well i had done and wanted to continue making gains and continue going to CONDITIONED BY KELLY TEKIN.

My next show was in 20 days. No slacking here. Went right back to training with Conditioned By Kelly Tekin. Once again, My gains were even stronger And better than the first time. All that hard work and hard training sure paid off. On July 7th I took home 4 first place trophies. 1st place NPC/NM State women s class division A, 1st place NPC/NM State women master Figure 35+, 1ST PLACE NPC MID-USA WOMEN DIVISION CLASS A, 1st place NPC MID-USA WOMEN MASTER FIGURE 35+. I had qualified to go to nationals. My plans for doing the OCB show had totally changed. I was not a bikini competitor no longer. Once again no slacking off. Hit the gym harder than before.Once again Kelly only had 20 days to work with me on the next show. I made more gains. Went to my first Nationals ever which was just this past weekend on July 27-28 . I did pretty good for it being my first nationals. I may have not placed but I meet some photographers Les Brzostowicz that want to work with me, (so excited) and I also gained a sponsor.

Training at Conditioning by Kelly Tekin has made me a stronger more confident, motivational, better person. It’s a place where training is done real. Work Hard, Train Harder No social hour here. ONLY GAINS and POSITIVE PEOPLE looking FORWARD TOWARD MY FUTURE GAINS WITH CONDITIONING BY KELLY TEKIN . A place where champions train. Jamielyn Sena

ktdanny“July 2011- 211 lbs… Body fat unknown
July 2012- 170 lbs… 11% body fat
I couldn’t have done it without you!” Danny Vigil
“If you’re REALLY SERIOUS about changing the way you look, wanting to feel better inside and out and want to LEARN nutrition for a healthier and better life…. it’s SIMPLE. Conditioned by Kelly Tekin.”Crisco Kidd, Crisco Kidd Block Party
“I have been a member of many gyms over the years and have NEVER had the results I got after joining Conditioned. The trainers are amazing! I enjoy the workouts and find them very challenging and rewarding. All the trainers at Conditioned are excellent and really keep my personal goals in mind when designing my workouts. I LOVE Team Conditioned.”Mishele Taylor
“Training at Conditioned has been a great experience for me. I’ve definitely increased my strength big time. I’m lifting more weight and feel stronger. Doing this, I’ve also lost some weight!”Joey Belville, Professional Musician
“My workouts have been so different from any other workouts I have ever had. I’m getting my old body back. I used to hurt old injuries that would stop me from workouts, but with proper training I have not re-injured myself.”Hunter Tucker, Pro MMA Fighter
“Size does matter! I’ve gone from a size 18 to size 8, but more importantly I feel happier, healthier, and sexier than ever. The trainers at Conditioned are great. They worked with my injuries and I feel stronger. So I encourage you to make the decision to get healthier like I did.”Diana Cortez
“I have been training at Conditioned since October 2009. I have been in sports most of my life and have always liked having a coach to push and challenge me. I appreciate having that at Conditioned. The continual variation and new things to do is not only fun but keeps it challenging and interesting!”Clinton Roberts, Pro MMA Fighter
“For the first time in 20-25 years (I really have no idea how long it has been), last night I took off in a sprint and ran the length of the gym! But wait, there’s more – at the end of the hour I ran across the gym 2 more times! I’m still in shock that I did it! Of course I’m a bit sore today, but feeling super great about it! I’ve been building up to it mentally and doing a bit of a jog in place thing, which is what I was doing when I decided to give it a try and off I went, it felt great – I don’t know how to describe what I felt – it was wonderful. I’ve never been a runner, never had any desire to run, so this is a totally new experience for me and I never imagined it feeling so good. :0)”Karla Lachmann
“I swear I dropped like 2 pounds tonight… And it’s great having Tomas back! He really challenges me and Thomas is the most motivating guy I know! He really teaches you to believe in your abilities! I love Conditioned by Kelly Tekin!!!”Ashley Salazar
“Wow, what you’re doing to me girl!”Diego Brandao, UFC Fighter
“After competing at regional and national level shows in the sport of Fitness (Figure & Bikini Divisions), I was becoming unsatisfied with my physical gains. Knowing this frustration, a close friend in the industry suggested that if I wanted to take my physique to the next level then I need to train with Kelly Tekin at Conditioned. I knew from the moment I stepped foot into the gym that this was the place for me. The small gym allows for excellent focus and the personal attention to my fitness goals was on par each and every day I trained. Kelly Tekin is extremely knowledgeable in sport-specific training and has an undeniable passion to see her clients not only meet their goals but rise above all expectations. In concert with her training methods, other personal trainers motivated me daily to execute good form and proper mechanics as I trained for the 2011 Fitness America Show. The results: the best body transformation I have ever experienced and the best body I ever brought to the stage!! CBKT is my home during season training, it is my maintenance training-ground year long, and at the end of the day – I am a warrior of TEAM CONDITIONED!”Genieve Sanchez
ktkay“I just ran an average of 9:06 min miles for 3.3 miles!!!! Where did this speed come from? Also,, cleaning out my closet… my engagement party dress fits!!! Haven’t been able to wear is for 4 years! And jean, jeans from yeaaaaaars ago are fitting!!! So glad God put you in my life :)” Kay Nunn
“Thank you Kelly Tekin Quiroz you have made such a positive change for our whole family!”Jackie Lance White
kttank“I wanted to personally thank you for taking Justin to the next level physically and on a knowledge level as to what his body needs ! you are simply amazing and I just don’t have enough words to say ! In that fight Justin overwhelmed his opponent and threw 1 minute 40 seconds of knees and elbows the fastest and strongest I have ever seen him throw and was not winded ,not even a little ,when the ref stoppage came! He is looking forward to getting back out there to you guys ! Thanks again!” — Justin’s father, Chris Scoggins Justin "Tank" Scoggins
“For years my primary method of exercise was hiking, but with a bad diet and virtually no weight training I experienced no weight loss. In fact it was exactly the opposite and I couldn’t understand why I was gaining weight when I was hiking for numerous miles every Saturday morning. Since beginning my training at Conditioned I have lost 60 pounds and learned the importance of diet in combination with the right kind of weight training and cardio exercise. I still hike on the weekends but now I can hike further that I ever expected and when I backpack I can carry heavier loads than I ever could have imagined. In addition to hiking I have decided to try new things that I may not have at first been comfortable with and I have completed two 5K runs in the last couple of months. Thanks to the training that I have received at Conditioned I am stronger, faster and I feel better than ever.”Austin Eldridge
“I am very happy about my fitness level! I enjoy the workouts you put together for me and your gym. Being around fitness-minded people helps me in my training. If I can get my eating rained in, then I feel I can meet more goals. Maybe do a bodybuilding show again. My back and shoulder joints are feeling great.”Greg Hecathorn
“At Kelly’s gym I was able to find the challenge I was looking for. This gym is the toughest gym I have ever been to and I’m pretty sure there are magnets in the floor! If anybody wants to get stronger, faster, or leaner I would recommend Conditioned because the trainers will push a body to its limits”John Enns, La Cueva High School Soccer
How many of you feel that you be wasting your money on diets killing yourself at the gym only to lose 15 to 25 pounds. I felt like you I was starving myself killing myself at the gym just to lose 10 or 15 pounds.

I want to let you into a little secret I’ve been on an Online training and nutrition plan for the past year and a half and I love it. You guys have seen me post up a lot of stuff for on my Facebook about Conditioned by Kelly Tekin’s Online workouts and help with nutrition and supplements and yes they have been helping me a lot. If you’re looking to lose weight get healthy then you need to go to check out Conditioned by Kelly Tekin. You don’t even have to be in Albuquerque! That’s the best part!

I’m not going to try to sell you on anything or B.S, it took hard work and alot of help from GOD and the people around me to get me where I’m at.

I am NOT at my goal weight that’s the honest truth but I’m not unhealthy like I used to be. Yes I have lost 135 pounds and I’m still working to get at 300 its going to take time. But being on a nutrition diet for a year and a half that’s an accomplishment. Many of us can only be on a diet or two to three months then we call it quits I been there. I can’t stress enough that I think if you’re going to do it the right way, go to Kelly Tekin On Demand. If you think it’s impossible to get your weight or even to get healthy you need to just give it a try.

By the way I’m not receiving any money but I am receiving a lot of positive influence on reaching my way and continuing my healthy lifestyle.Andrew Navarez