Preparing for Birth & Beyond

The Prenatal Fitness program at CONDITIONED® by Kelly Tekin is for pregnant women who wish to stay in shape during and/or prepare their bodies to give birth. Optimal fitness and health can be achieved, and maintained throughout the trimesters and beyond with personalized Prenatal Fitness Training.

CONDITIONED® by Kelly Tekin offers Prenatal fitness programs that include Prenatal Yoga and other types of training depending on what your body was used to before you became pregnant. Our prenatal program provides women an opportunity to learn the nutritional needs during pregnancy and the importance of developing a birth plan. Each program will vary from weights to Yoga depending on the trimester. With weights and Yoga the body will strengthen and tone muscles in the back, butt, and thighs thus improving the body’s posture. These strong muscles can help manage labor and delivery pain. In the event of a lengthy labor, the increased endurance will be of great help during delivery.

Prenatal Training Camp Options

(Includes 2-3 personal training sessions/wk)

12 Week Prenatal Training Camp $700
8 Week Prenatal Training Camp $550
4 Week Prenatal Training Camp $300

In Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced options.

Add On Personal Training Sessions

1 session=$50
4 session=$180
8 sessions=$320