Do You Eat Oatmeal?

tekintips_logoDo you ever eat oatmeal? It is something I often recommend when designing nutrition plans for clients. It can definitely be a good, healthy option, but many types of oatmeal are heavily processed and HORRIBLE for you.

When I recommend oatmeal, I just assume the client is going to buy the kind of oatmeal that I buy from Trader Joes… the plain old fashioned oats. I almost died when I recently saw a client eating a brand of “heart-healthy” instant oatmeal, the “Maple and Brown Sugar” flavor.

Did you know there is no maple in it? There is also no brown sugar in it. It is packed with artificial ingredients, colors, and flavors. It’s also packed with regular sugar. Some varieties include “flavor” gel packets full of high fructose corn syrup.

This product also has a significantly higher glycemic index than regular “old fashioned oatmeal” due to it’s instant nature where it’s been pre-cooked using high-heat processing. This high-heat processing also robs the oatmeal of many important vitamins and minerals, making it overall a much less nutritious product.

If you are going to eat oatmeal, stay away from the instant, processed, sugar-laden versions.

Instead, choose the plain steel cut oats. They take a couple of extra minutes to cook, but it is definitely worth it for the lower glycemic index, extra fiber, and greater vitamin and mineral content.

Steel cut oats will also leave you feeling fuller, longer, and you’ll probably find that you enjoy the more firm texture and nuttier flavor a LOT more than mushy instant oatmeal.