Don’t Do This – It Will Age You


Chronic Cardio
Increases Belly Fat & Speeds Aging

People always seem to think ‘cardio’ is the answer to everything related to weight loss and fat loss. Many current studies prove otherwise. Doing conventional long cardio overtaxes your body and increases the production of cortisol, which causes you to gain fat through your mid-section.

Long, frequent cardio sessions break down your lean muscle and increase the production of free radicals. Free radicals are little molecules that damage cells in your body and cause chronic inflammation that accelerate aging and lead to serious disease.

If you’ve been pounding away on a treadmill, a stationary bike or slaving away on some other cardio machine, you should STOP. There’s a much better way….

If you want the most effective way to burn off stubborn stomach fat, without experiencing any of the negative side effects of conventional cardio, try conditioning sessions. It is also important to get your nutrition right. Please send a message to Conditioned® by Kelly Tekin on Facebook or text me at 505.263.6221 for any extra help I can give you!