Lean in time for Thanksgiving

tekintips_logoThe holidays are slowly sneaking up on us. That means family gatherings, people you may have not seen in a while, and lots of pictures taken. All of this can make us a little more self-conscious about how we look.

If you are wanting to lose some weight – let’s say those last 10 pounds you’ve been intending to get off all year – before the holidays is a very common desire. It is also a very attainable goal – that is, if you’re ready to really commit for two weeks.

If you have about 10 pounds left to lose, then it’s going to take a pretty serious and intense effort, but yes, it can be done!

HOWEVER, it’s not just a matter of committing yourself to the gym each day. The real difference comes from what’s on your plate. It’s the nutrition that will really set your results apart and maximize what you are doing in the gym.