A look behind preparing for an October Fitness Competition

As I sit here writing this I find myself eating one of my meals, a protein shake and a cup of carrots. I have never been on a diet regime before but I gotta admit its not as hard as I always thought it’d be. Im not at all starving as many would exaggerate, I actually find myself eating more than I previously did and I can tell the difference in my body both from an internal health based feeling and in the aesthetic end as well. I cannot thank Kelly, The rest of the staff here at conditioned, the clients and staff at max muscle enough for all the help and encouragement. This place is truly a beacon I was kind of feeling lost leaving school and Im glad I found my way here. This is unlike any training facility or athletic setting I’ve ever been in. Its like one big fit family with everyone being so encouraging of each other. I am so looking forward to the next couple weeks of intense training. I whole heatedly believe that everyone who trains here truly is a champion and Im happy to be a part of it. Its nice to see strong people picking each other up and lifting them higher instead of putting them down. Till the next time keep living the fit life and hope to see you soon. – Colton Gibney

Great leg workout yesterday couldn’t have made it through it without the motivation from all the great coaches at Conditioned by Kelly Tekin™. Also a big thanks to Sebastian at Max Drive nutrition for all the supplements that help me recover so I’ll be ready for today’s workout. With week two almost in the books I’m feeling so much stronger physically and mentally. – Eric Wong