With Conditioned® by Kelly Tekin Online Training Camps, you will have the luxury to train at your convenience and at your own facility. You will gain the benefit of having your training program available wherever you are, as long as you have a connection to the Internet on your phone! Your online training program includes a personalized training program specific to your body type and goals. Your training regimen is sent to you online and will change every month, so that you do not plateau. It will include a different workout each day. You will know exactly what exercise to perform, how to perform the exercise (because there is a video demonstration of each exercise), how many sets/repetitions and how long of rest periods to take.


The Conditioning Camp is the most cost-effective option for your training. For only$49/month, you will get to workout just like you’re at Conditioned® by Kelly Tekin. You dont have to be an athlete to train like one! This camp is a high intensity workout in a designed to keep your heart rate up. This camp is ideal for any age and any fitness level. Improve your cardiovascular fitness, increase your lactate threshold, get leaner and stronger, and increase your energy levels! It’s FUN!


The Sports Performance Camp is a GREAT value. This program is for competitive and non-competitive adults and teens. The workouts consist of exercises that will make you faster, stronger, more explosive and quicker. You will see major improvements in your game and even everyday activities!


The 3 Month Training Camp is also a great option for someone who would just like to commit to 12 weeks of quality training. You will be able to communicate with a Conditioned® by Kelly Tekin trainer any time. If your goals change, you can tell Kelly so that she will keep your program updated as needed to see results!


The 1 Month Training Camp is a good option if you just want to try out one of Kelly’s training plans. You will be able to communicate with a Conditioned® by Kelly Tekin trainer any time.