Dynamic, Affordable, Elite Training

Clients are trained up to three on one with a Sports Performance Coach on an individualized program focusing on strength, cardiovascular, flexibility, and core training. Our Training Camp is a good choice for those training for a specific purpose. Whether you are training for a physique competition, athletic event, weight loss, to get your diabetes under control, or trying to strengthen after an injury or a knee/hip replacement, this is definitely the training for you! Each session is one hour beginning with a dynamic warm-up, followed by an individualized workout and ending with a cool-down. All programs are personalized to help you attain your athletic or fitness goals. You may choose a 4, 8, or 12 week training camp, where we will start with an assessment (to look at muscle imbalances, old injuries, pelvic tilt, any limitations and whether the muscle fibers are firing properly). Then, depending on what we find in the assessment and what your goals are, we will design a training program where you will come in 3 to 6 times a week for your training camp.

Monday – Saturday
By Appointment Only

Training Includes

  • Connector.

    Functional Movement Screen & Overall Assessment

  • Connector.

    50% discount on all supplements at Max Drive Nutrition

  • Connector.

    Weekly/Monthly Body Composition and Sport-Specific Athletic Testing

  • Connector.

    Nutrition/Supplementation Plan Updated Monthly

Training Options

12-week PERSONAL TRAINING CAMP $1200 (3 payments of $400)
8-week PERSONAL TRAINING CAMP $1000 (2 payments of $500)

Add-on Personal
Training Sessions

1 session=$50
4 sessions=$180
8 sessions=$320
12 sessions=$420

Add-on Kickboxing/Boxing Mitt Sessions

The focus mitt sessions are a great addition to your weight training. Boxing and kickboxing programs incorporating continuous aerobic movement into a training program appear to provide an effective, and innovative approach to improving cardiovascular fitness and body composition according to research. These intense sessions are 45 minutes and you are taught proper form and breathing technique.

1 Session – $50
4 Sessions – $160
8 Sessions – $300

Nutrition Counseling and Body Fat Testing

By Appointment Only